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Sure Start for Fantastic Future
​2-Year Old Beginners Class

As our slogan says 'Sure Start for Fantastic Future' so we as a Rippling River team strive for that. Every child is very special to us. Our aim is - If a child cannot learn THE WAY we teach, we must teach in a way THE CHILD can learn.  Because of this, every child's learning is spontaneous right from the start of their time spent in Rippling River. Each year we feel happy and  proud to see our assigned Children's transformation in our care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

​3-Year Old Nursery Class

By the time, KIDS move from Beginners to Nursery, they really are able to show a great deal of their learning in various ways. Their way of carrying things i.e etiquette and manner make their parents really feel overjoyed  and definitely very  proud.  Also, at this time children learn from out door activities which allow them to learn the difference between right and wrong.  At the same time their English  way of doing things with perfect English pronunciation surprise everyone that these  kids are from abroad.   

4&5-Year Old Reception Class
Our Reception class KIDS are well mannered and extremely confident. In our relaxed, motivated environment KIDS soon develop personal, social and educational skills. Also, at this stage children get the opportunity to handle and learn from authentic materials and resources from the U.K.  In Rippling River KIDS first language is English also they acquire the knowledge of basic Spanish. All of them are able to develop other subjects like Maths, Humanities, Beginners Science and with all these they are also encouraged to explore their idea and creativity. We also give priority to Children's physical activities along side literacy, numeracy in a structured manner.
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